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Great Tips For Healthy Pipes And Drains

There are many things you can do to keep your drains healthy and minimize any need for repairs. You can save yourself lots of time as well as money by following these handy tips:

  • Scrape your plates prior to rinsing or washing them. Also make sure that you don’t pour liquids such as oils or gravy down the sink.
  • Make sure to regularly scoop any hair out of the drain after a shower or bath. When hair mixes with shampoo, conditioner and soap, it forms a sticky mess that can clog your drain and cause unnecessary problems.
  • We see a lot of cases of blocked toilets caused by things getting flushed that shouldn’t be. In many instances it’s toys flushed by children. We recommend that your keep toilet doors shut when unused as a preventative measure.

Blocked Drains?

Don’t wait until it’s too late. The Plumbing Hotline offers comprehensive drain cleaning and drainage solution services to help you to maintain your stormwater drainage, sewer pipes and household plumbing. This will help save you money and prevent inconveniences in the future

At The Plumbing Hotline, we can:

  • Repair broken or cracked drains
  • Repair collapsed pipes
  • Install stormwater pits
  • Provide suitable stormwater drainage
  • Ensure that your stormwater drainage is working and ready for when the rains start.

Using our drain cleaning service is a great preventative measure that will protect your family and pets and cost far less than any emergency plumbing service.

Don’t Waste Water!

We can perform a complimentary water efficiency health check every time we visit your premises to fix your plumbing problem. This check helps to minimise unwanted water usage and locate any areas of concern before they turn into a problem!

Protect your family and the environment
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