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Hot Water in Australia

Did you know that Hot water is responsible for around 38% of the average Brisbane household’s energy costs and around 25% of the nation’s energy consumption? Water heating accounts for 23% of total greenhouse gas emissions from home energy use, and is second only to road transport, as the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia. With the rising cost of non-renewable energy, it is vital for you to think carefully before selecting your hot water system.

Hot Water Installations

Need a new hot water system? Electric hot water systems heat water and store it so that it’s ready for you when you need it. The water is heated and stored in an insulated tank, allowing for more than one outlet to be turned on without affecting water pressure to showers, dishwashers, baths, washing machines and basins being used at one time. This means plenty of hot water to go around, especially on those chilly winter mornings.

When you install an electric hot water system, you can expect:

  • Fast hot water delivery to taps
  • A cost-effective option for hot water replacement.
  • Great energy ratings as well as excellent warranties on tanks.
  • Easy to install and hassle free to run.

Hot Water Repairs

At The Plumbing Hotline, your comfort is our priority. We will attend to any hot-water-system repairs quickly and to the best of our abilities. You can feel secure knowing that if anything ever goes wrong we will be there –day or night. We take pride in our dedication and unbeatable customer service, ensuring you can trust us with all your hot-water-system repairs.

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