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The Plumbing Hotline Membership Card

The Plumbing Hotline offers a full suite of extra value services for members.

  • Priority services whenever you need plumbing work
  • No cost CCTV inspection for sewer drains
  • No cost plumbing health check (one per year)
  • No cost water efficiency check with your annual service
  • No cost when you need those must-do tap washer services, always useful and saves you the cost of service
  • Added extended warranties for up to 5 years
  • No cost hot water inspection for electric and solar systems

Our membership card offers a whole range of cost savings for a wide selection of basic plumbing services. The extended warranty option is a great cost saver for high-usage plumbing, saving you money upfront.

Ask The Plumbing Hotline about Your Membership

To find out more about our membership services, just call us on 1300 146 854. Talk to our experts about any issues, and find out how much you can save on your routine and other plumbing needs. Remember, we’re on standby to provide your services 24/7, and we’ll deliver all the services you need whenever you need them.
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